Guaranteed Income During Retirement “The Perfect Hedge”

A Longevity Annuity is a form of longevity insurance, sometimes referred to as a “deferred payout” annuity. It is a new spin on deferred fixed annuities, which are typically tax-deferred vehicles set up to provide a guaranteed income stream starting at a predetermined point in the future so that you can Reduce Your Dependency on Earned Income.



Why Should Paychecks End With Retirement?
 You have the power to build your own pension! Create a retirement paycheck you can never outlive.
An Introduction to Longevity Annuities
Longevity Annuities enable clients to use a small portion of current savings to buy guaranteed income for their later years of retirement, providing financial security for when they need it most.
US Life Expectancy
Life expectancy has dropped in some counties in the United States while others have continued to see a rise in life spans. The population of baby boomers is increasing at a faster rate than the total population.
Longevity Annuities for those who do not qualify for LTC
Unable to medically qualify for Long Term Care (LTC) insurance? Or do you prefer to avoid paying expensive premiums for insurance you may never use? Find out how the Longevity Annuity may be the perfect solution for you.
Taxes and Retirement
Find out more about the way you save for retirement, retirement calculators, financial calculators, and the importance of tax benefits of putting the money away and the tax rules that will apply.
U.S. Longevity Facts
Get the facts on population 65 years of age and over, total resident population of the United States, and the average annual growth rate of the baby boomer population.
Supplement Your 401K
A new twist in retirement planning is taking hold: financial services companies are offering immediate annuities and longevity insurance (a tax-deferred annuity) as an option in 401(k) plans.